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Rise of the Alien Queen 

Book Synopsis
Meet Susan Allen 
Rise of the Alien Queen - Feminist Science Fictio

Rise of the Alien Queen is the story of Susan Allen, a foul mouthed, about to be divorced housewife, and mother of two grown children. She is suffering from depression and grappling with what to do next after the failure of her marriage. Her philandering husband has hidden all of their assets and she can’t even get a job at the local DollarLand.


While attempting to rescue the pilot of a crashed alien spacecraft, Susan inadvertently gets caught up in an off-world adventure filled with romance, politics, deceit and murder.


Rise of the Alien Queen is a riff on the current crop of romance and paranormal literature with humorous and often biting commentary on our current politics, racism, and the mistreatment of women. Religion, misogyny, ageism, rape culture, fat shaming, and an evil ambassador are ever present as the heroine navigates her way through yet another hostile and unforgiving world.


It’s time for Susan to decide; will she give up on everything and wallow in her depression and self-pity?  Or will she rise up and become the woman she was always meant to be?

Dedication and Acknowledgment

For My Mother…

She hatched the five of us and taught us how to fly. We did, but it was often into buildings. 

Thank you Patrick Phillips – You Are My Rock


For those of you who read my novel and made suggestions – Thank you!


For those who encouraged me – Thank you!


For those who put up with my bullshit as I wrote and raged – I am especially grateful. My love and gratitude to:  Craig Hamilton, Keenan Mann, Becky Campos, Lee Davis, Tracey Ammerman, Jessica Tucker, Konnie Haney, Reita Hamilton, Richard Hamilton, Sr., Richard Hamilton Jr., David Hamilton, Candace Hamilton, Padraic Phillips, Lucy Mann, Alec Mann, Wilma Collins, Carol Ann Coggin, Quincy Scott, Elaine Stanlick, Daryl Dubois, Rose Miller, and Susan Mack.


Special thanks to Dr. Toni Briegel who took on this project as an editor and became a friend.  And to Christina Michaelidis with CGM designs. She designed the book cover and gave me what I didn’t know I wanted. Thank goodness - because it is awesome!


A big smooch and shout out to my Pickleball family – you were there when I needed you most.


And Connie Mann – Thank you for picking up the pieces and showing me that I am always stronger than I think. We won, and that bears repeating - frequently and loudly. I lost my soul and you helped me get it back.


To all my sisters and brothers in the Me Too movement – you are not alone. Our voices are strong and persistent, and together we can – and will – rise up together. 

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